Class Descriptions

Our mission is to develop versatile, healthy dancers, to contribute to the dance community through professional collaboration and to inspire a passion for artistic excellence.

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Ages 3-4yrs

Young students are introduced to the fundamentals of dance through imaginative play, which enhances self-confidence and strengthens cognitive skills, coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness, and large motor skills.​

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Ages 5-11yrs
Students are instilled with ballet fundamentals and a focus on anatomical awareness, safe body alignment, and even weight distribution.
Courses Offered
Ballet 1 (ages 5-6) – 1st Year
Ballet 2 (ages 5-6) – 2nd Year
Ballet 3 (ages 7-11) - Beg
Ballet 4 (ages 7-11) – Beg/Int
Ballet 5 (ages 7-11) - Int
Ballet 6 (ages 7-11) – Int/Adv
Ballet 7 (ages 7-11) - Adv

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Ages 12+yrs

These classes combine instruction in classical and contemporary ballet techniques with a focus on anatomical correctness that includes safe body alignment and even weight distribution.

Courses Offered
Teen Beginning Ballet (ages 12+)
Ballet 8 (ages 12+) - Beg/Int
Ballet 9 (ages 12+) - Int
Ballet 10 (ages 12+) – Int/Adv
Ballet 11 (ages 12+) - Adv

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Continuing the focus on classical and contemporary ballet techniques, students develop skills while working in pointe shoes. Instructors work with students to determine the safest approach based on the individual’s foot structure. Approval is required for enrollment. These classes are traditionally for female dancers; however, male dancers may choose to attend in order to increase foot strength.

Courses Offered
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced (ages 12+)

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While exploring classical and contemporary forms of jazz dance, instructors focus on safe body alignment while emphasizing complex rhythmic patterns, vitality, coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Courses Offered
Jazz 1 (ages 5-6) – 1st Year
Jazz 2 (ages 5-6) – 2nd Year
Jazz 3 (ages 7-11) – Beg/Int
Jazz 4 (ages 7-11) – Int
Jazz 5 (ages 7-11) – Int/Adv
Jazz 6 (ages 7-11) – Adv
Teen Beginning Jazz (ages 12+)
Jazz 7 (ages 12+) - Int
Jazz 8 (ages 12+) - Adv

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Students learn dance techniques from classical modern to contemporary styles of movement. Instructors provide technical training and also help to develop the individual dancer’s creative expression.

Courses Offered
​Contemporary 1 (ages 7-11) - Beg
Contemporary 2 (ages 7-11) - Int
Contemporary 3 (ages 7-11) – Int/Adv
Contemporary 4 (ages 7-11) - Adv
Contemporary 5 (ages 12+) - Int
Contemporary 6 (ages 12+) - Adv

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This class is designed to promote and support young men’s involvement in the dance world. Focus is placed on improving techniques specific to the role of a male dancer, while it gives young men the opportunity to be the majority in the class and to receive support as a dancer.

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